Monday, December 20, 2010


salam ~
now i am sitting alone at library because i felt so lazy to move..
well, that is me.. : D
this morning, while i was waiting for my friend to get ready to class.
i sat alone at the room.
suddenly, i was thinking about what will happen on 18 February 2011.
every year, my birthday was celebrated with my family and friend.
it will be different this year.
for sure.
maybe it because this is the first i been far away from my family.
this coming year i will celebrate it with my lovely friend here.
no mom, no dad, no cousin, no family, no faizal and no close friends.
i was imaging that my mom and my family are here but it will be very impossible.
i have promise myself to smile all the time on my birthday every year.
but it will be different the coming year.
i think i'm done.
see you later.

: D

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